Curling and hair straightening iron

I want to note that before this curling iron, I had a lot of different techniques for straightening and curling my hair. I will warn you right away that my hair, of course, is very capricious, from the category of "dandelion" - I washed my hair and if I didn't straighten it with a hairdryer, then comb the hair that is wavy in different directions, like a tumbleweed ball, is a very difficult task. This despite the fact that I use a bunch of styling products, anti-static (against frizz), special shampoos and others.


IRONS. No matter how many gifts they gave me, how many irons I bought to straighten my hair, I was still far from the smoothness of straight hair: there was no point at all, they did not give any result to my hair at all, after that it was a little better, but still the hair, although it was straighter, but the fluffy dandelion on the hair still didn't disappear, it's a different story altogether - the hair burned terribly, they split horribly, and besides, there were singed hair right on the iron !!! (If anyone is interested, I can search for specific models that I used on the Internet and write about them).

SHEETS. With curling irons, the story is the same as with irons - even with a strong fixation varnish, after half an hour, all the curls dangled shapelessly like snot, not to mention the wet weather, when the mega-fluffiness of small hairs all over the head was added to everything (who knows about than me - it's just a problem !!!).

From the curling iron (they gave me along with the iron), as well as from the iron, there was no sense - the curls did not last even 30 minutes. with varnish, the hair was splitting violently, the hairstyle quickly disintegrated and when twisted the hair, strong steam came from them and the smell of smoked came from them)))))) In general, she freaked out and often went with braids or with a bun))) By the way, I must say , the justification for these curling irons and irons is that it was quite a long time ago - about 5-7 years ago somewhere. Maybe at the moment there are already decent curling irons and irons of these brands. Anyway.

And one day I was shopping at, accidentally wandered into a household appliances store, well, I walked around, looked, stumbled upon the shelves. Then a consultant appeared and began to advise and ask, as usual, to annoy the beginning. I told her that nothing helps, etc. She persistently began to offer me a curling iron, and then there was a good New Year's discount on it. In general, she persuaded me, convinced, advised me and I bought this curling iron. Thanks for advice here.

I go with her and think that there are 2 irons at home, 1 curling iron (I gave others to my friends), and I bought another one, tempted by 2 in 1 and New Year's discounts! But I was already traveling with the purchase, of course you can't return it.

She lay in my suitcase for about 2 days. And on the third day, a friend's birthday was planned, I went to the hairdresser to get my hair cut and have a beautiful styling. But, as the saying goes, "bad day" - they made me a not very successful hairdo, then left the salon, and it was raining outside! No umbrella, nothing.

She covered herself with a bag and ran to the taxi. Naturally, until I got home, there was a quiet horror on my head! Before the event, 3 hours, I had to dry myself with a hairdryer (at that time I did not have a hairdryer yet), there was a "dandelion" on my head after a hairdryer, and then I remembered about the purchased curling iron!

In general, my surprise knew no bounds! Hair after straightening became soft, without dandelion fluff, even, as if I have congenital straight hair! I did not dare to do curls that day, I fixed it with varnish and for 6-7 hours I had super-straight hair (6-7 hours after the event, I got into the shower at home).

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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