The importance of gaming headphones

The importance of gaming headphones

Choosing the perfect graphics card, RAM, processor and monitor in pursuit of graphics, it is very easy to forget about sound.

So, in games, sounds are no less important than videos. They allow you to understand where the sound is coming from, and roughly determine the distance to it, hear the slightest rustles, creaks and steps so that the enemy does not sneak up unnoticed. If you are not playing a game where there is voice input, then gaming headphones without mic are perfect for you.

For games, the ability of headphones to create a sound stage is important. In audiophilia, this concept means with what accuracy they can reproduce the acoustic environment formed by the sound engineer. How accurately the headphones will be able to position the sound sources in space is, without exaggeration, vital for the player.

«Gaming headphones» are not just a marketing term. These are specialized devices that differ significantly from the usual «musical» acoustics.

Photo by Eren Li from Pexels

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