Do you know well what a CD is?

A CD is a plastic disc with a circular hole in the center. Optical information of digital format is recorded and read on it with the help of laser. On an industrial scale, CDs began to be produced in 1982 in Germany by a company located in Langenhagen.

At first, СD discs were used to store digital music records, they are familiar to us under the name "Audio CD". But after a short time, these disks were adapted to store files containing digital information of various formats (video, text, programs, music, pictures and photos). Such disks became known as CD-ROM or "read-only CD", because it was possible to write information to it only once, but to use it many times. If such a disk broke, the information could not be restored, and copies were not made. But now you can easily go to dvd duplication knoxville and order a lot of copies that even have a guarantee!

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