How are pavement signs?

How are pavement signs?

Pavement signs are a way to advertise a particular place.  They are used as an advertising medium on the streets, in shopping centers, in front of a store, in store halls, etc.  Pavement signs are a free-standing structure on which information about a company, product or service is placed on one or both sides.

  They are different:

  1. One-sided pavement signs is a universal pavement sign that will suit absolutely anyone;
  2. Double-sided clamshell pavement signs - they are also universal, but there can be placed more information , since it is double-sided;
  3. Pillar-stand - for a small amount of information, it is better to place it in the middle;
  4. Three-sided pavement sign - has three advertising surfaces that can be placed as you like;
  5. Pavement signs with removable information - convenient for those who often change advertising or information that needs to be conveyed to customers;
  6. Pavement signs for currency exchange offices - replaceable frames are used here in order to update the information.

 And which one to choose is up to you.

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