Why is Genshin Impact such a popular game

Why is Genshin Impact such a popular game?

Genshin Impact is an anime-style fantasy action game with a gacha system from the studio miHoYo Limited.

Users of the game can enjoy adventures for a long period of time, and they do not need company for this. The game has a lot of free updates, so you can play for a very long time.

The world drawn in the game is very beautiful, all the colors are bright. But not only is the world beautiful, but also the characters. For example, Hu Tao. Beauty is a terrible force, so its main role is DPS (maximum damage per second), combining elements of the skills of Xiao and Tartaglia Childe. As Hu Tao rises, he gets a bonus to critical damage.

Image by Sammy-Sander from Pixabay

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